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Phone Screen


Extend your vision beyond phones

Eyewear Device

Stylish and Convenient Eyewear Device for all-day comfort

plastic Optics

Binocular See-through Optic Design

Easy Operation

Easy Operation Control Box, Adjustable IPD, Nosepad, Attachable Shade filter for day-light

● Elvision is a company that is ① AR / MR glass maker (Korea's only), one of the core industries of the 4th industry, ② developed the world's best technology of See through Optics lens for AR / MR, and ③ produces a display glasses for smartphones that can view all the videos (YouTube, Sports, TV) at any time and anywhere.

● Based on technology such as developing the world's first plastic based multi faceted prism lens technology, Elvision Tech has been producing high performance transmissive optical systems and glass displays for HD and 96 inch smartphones.

● The company possesses cutting edge optical technology solutions in the field of See through HMD, which is the core technology of augmented reality devices, and has the core technologies of the world's best AR glass devices such as high transmittance, wider FOV, lighter weight and smaller volume.